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Comparing Rental Deals - Medium Cars

To check out medium rental cars about the size of a Toyota Corolla; a Nissan Pulsar; a Hyundai Elantra; or a KIA Cerato, just go to our Gold Coast Car Rental Companies links page and select any of the companies listed - our hyperlink will take you directly to their website.

Companies that offer more than one collection/return arrangement often have differing prices for each service, so if it suits your requirements, you might explore more than one location from any company that you choose to look at. After you have checked a few other companies, we are confident that you will agree that we consistently offer the best value rental packages right across the Gold Coast.

We obtained sample medium car hire quotes on 4 door automatic sedans or hatches.

All of the disclosure and lack of clarity issues that we encountered when we obtained the small rental car quotes remain - the manipulated misinformation about actual exposure compared with what they describe as the "excess" continues unabated. There are serious shortcomings with many of the operators that we surveyed, to read our summary of these shortcomings, please click on the hyperlink in the first paragraph on this page.

Here are our pricing findings:

We are the only company with a sub-$300 total package price, with our cheapest medium rental car package at $247.50, we have another 5 full package deals for later model vehicles under $300, and our dearest offering (current model Hyundai Elantra) in this category is $331.50.

Results obtained 28th March 2018 for rental dates May 1st to 8th 2018 at the same start and finish time

Full package as specified

Lowest Price
Family Car Rentals
$247.50 $275
Next Lowest Price* $328.00 $350
3rd Lowest Price# $343.00 $750
Mid-point Price $507.50  
2nd Highest Price $960.61  
Highest Price $1,024.50  

* No cover for Single Vehicle Incidents, Hail or Storm Damage
# Full terms & conditions or insurance details not supplied

Excluding Car Seat & GPS

Lowest Price
Family Car Rentals
$225.50 $275
Next Lowest Price* $245.00 $750
3rd Lowest Price# $248.00 $350

* Full terms & conditions or insurance details not supplied
# No cover for Single Vehicle Incidents, Hail or Storm Damage

Excluding all options

Lowest Price* $179.25 $2,750
Next Lowest Price
Family Car Rentals
$183.00 $2,750
3rd Lowest Price# $190.34 $5,500

* No cover for Single Vehicle Incidents, Hail or Storm Damage
# No cover for Hail, Storm, Animal, Tyre, Windscreen or Towing

The range of prices showed 5 companies betrween $301 and $400; 10 were within the $401- $500 range and 17 companies were above $501.

There were 8 companies who require you to email or phone them to get a price and we put them in the "unknown" price category.

We encountered 26 companies that failed to provide contractual terms and conditions of rental and insurance, of these 10 provided a summary of conditions, without necessarily stating that they are only a summary. Some car rental companies (far too many) provide summaries designed to make you feel relaxed about the rental conditions, but they are not the contract that you will sign if you rent their car. We suggest that you obtain and read full contractual terms and conditions before you make a rental commitment.

In the first two rental packages presented above, Gold Coast Family Car Rentals wins on price and conditions and in the third package, we remain a clear winner on value.

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