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Comparing Rental Deals - SUV Hatches and Wagons

Compare SUV Hatch and Wagon Rental Deals

SUVs (sports utility vehicles) have quickly become the favourite vehicle style with Australian families, for everyday use and whilst on holidays. To check our value against the rest of the market, just go to our Rental Companies Links page and select the rental company who you wish to compare us against – our hyperlink will take you straight to the chosen company’s website.

You will find that rental companies will generally offer only one or two different choices in this area, whereas we offer a very wide range from the mid-sized models such as Dodge Caliber and Nissan Dualis through to larger models such as the Mazda CX-7 and of course the market leader Nissan X-Trail.

We surveyed all of the other 40 rental companies and were surprised to find that 9 companies did not show any SUV type vehicles on their website, of these there were 6 that are already in the "unknown" price category, so we now have 11 unknown prices, leaving 30 to consider (including us).

The results were obtained on 3rd April 2018, again using the dates for the first 7 days of May 2018.

Full package as specified

Lowest Price
Gold Coast Family Car Rentals
$351.50 $275
Next Lowest Price* $399.00 $750
3rd Lowest Price# $412.20 $0.00
Mid-point Price $627.00  
2nd Highest Price $1,061.17  
Highest Price $1,162.21  

* Full terms and conditions or insurance details not supplied
# Full terms and conditions of rental and insuarnce not supplied

Excluding Car Seat & GPS

Lowest Price
Gold Coast Family Car Rentals
$316.50 $275
Next Lowest Price* $343.00 $750
3rd Lowest Price* $350.60 $0.00

* Full terms and conditions of rental and insurance not supplied

Excluding all options

Lowest Price* $212.00 $2,750
Next Lowest Price# $222.00 $3,750
3rd Lowest Price^ $245.58 $3,500
4th Lowest Price
Gold Coast Family Car Rentals
$267.00 $2,750

* No cover for Single Vehicle Incidents, Hail or Storm cover
# No cover for Hail, Storm, Animal, Interior, Tyres, windscreen or towing
^ No cover for theft, 3rd party damage, windscreen or tyre damage

We remained the cheapest price for the full package as specified and also without the Child Seat and GPS. When it came to the quotes without any insurance excess reduction, we fell to 4th place behind three companies offering a lower price, but exposing the renter to risks that could well exceed the total value of the rental car.

In summary, Gold Coast Family Car Rentals is a clear winner on price and value (value to us meaning what you pay and what you get) in the first two categories and is the value champion in the third category.

Where we have noted that companies have not provided any rental and insurance terms and conditons (some have provided summaries, but they are a poor substitute for the real thing), we suggest that you contact the company and demand full contractual terms and conditions before entering into any rental arrangements.

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